Now, Next, Beyond COVID-19 – Health Librarians Experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting public health crisis have had a significant impact on health libraries and the work of health information professionals. These challenging times have created opportunities for innovation, multi-disciplinary collaboration and the re-alignment of the skills of health librarians to new contexts. It has challenged the way we work and connect with our clients and each other. Undoubtedly some innovations and changes will become more permanent.

What does lie ahead?

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group GLAMR Match

GLAMR Match!

Are you an established GLAMR professional? Or a GLAMR student, recent graduate, early career profession or professional who is considering changing career streams?

Are you willing to share your knowledge about your workplace, professional experiences, or education and interested in learning about the workplace practices of another GLAMR stream?

Our aim is to create a connection between two people, one that provides an opportunity for both to learn a little bath about the person's current work or recent studies. 


The concept is simple:

ALIAVic Online Trivia Chat

ALIAVic invites you to join us online for a physically distant, socially connected chat and




Everyone is welcome, even if you're not from Victoria!

50 questions, hand picked by our secretary specifically for library people, arranged into 10 sets according to Dewey Decimal category.

WHEN: Friday, April 3rd, 6:30pm

WHERE: Wherever you are!

ALIA Schools - Copyright for Schools Webinar

This one hour, online seminar is for primary and secondary teacher librarians and others who are responsible for school library services and/or involved in learning and teaching programs. It is essential that schools are aware of the copyright changes applicable for schools a result of the new copyright amendment law. Having an understanding of what of ‘safe harbours’ and its relevance for schools is important. In addition being across the rights of educators to use streaming services, especially with regards to Netflix, Stan etc.


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