Elist Guidelines

ALIA’s elists are intended to promote discussion between groups of people who share similar professional interests.  They are designed to enable people to debate professional topics of interest, pass on links to interesting information and seek advice and feedback from peers. They can also be used to promote ALIA group events. They are not designed to be used as a free advertising medium by third parties and non-members.

Advertising products services and events

ALIA and ALIA Groups events

We ask that ALIA Groups take care to distribute information to targeted elists and, where possible, rely on ALIA Weekly and other forms of communication to promote information to the wider membership, in order to avoid filling people’s in-boxes with cross-postings. For more information about ALIA Weekly, please contact publishing@alia.org.au.

Third parties and non-members

If third parties and non-members would like to promote a public event, we ask that you use ALIA Weekly which is an affordable vehicle for promoting these kinds of opportunities. You can find more information about booking space in ALIA Weekly here. Employment advertising is also available through ALIA.

If your event is free for ALIA members or costs a gold coin/up to $10, we will promote it free of charge through ALIA Weekly. Please email publishing@alia.org.au for more information.

A good rule of thumb is that if an item would work as an advertisement, it is not appropriate for our elists. For any questions or concerns, please contact media@alia.org.au.


We ask that you always reference work appropriately and ensure that before you post an item to an elist, you have the right to use it, with attribution. Users retain copyright to their original individual emails. All users assume responsibility for materials posted.


We (ALIA) may collect personal information when you sign onto its online communication systems. The information we collect may include email address, name and password. Our use of this information is guided by our privacy statement. ALIA reserves the right to disclose your information when required by law or in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

Users are reminded to respect and protect any information which may be deemed as confidential or personal.

Acceptable use of elists

We want elists to be a positive experience for all of our users. For this reason we monitor postings to ensure that the language, tone and content is as our members would expect it to be. For this reason we ask that elist users not post any material which:

  • Uses obscene language
  • Harasses, insults or attacks others
  • Is defamatory
  • Involves or advocates illegal activities
  • Displays offensive and pornographic images
  • Portrays any person in a demeaning manner
  • Or otherwise violates any law

Handling Complaints

For any questions or concerns you may have regarding elist postings, please contact media@alia.org.au.


All messages posted to ALIA’s elists reflect the views of the author, not the views of ALIA or any entity associated with it, unless ALIA is specifically identified as an author of the communication. ALIA is not responsible for the content of messages posted or for the conduct of any author posting to ALIA’s elists.