Be part of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

The devastating 2019–2020 bushfires affected large swathes of Australia, including GLAMR institutions and their workers. The bushfires, smoke, floods, cyclones, hail and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, have prompted many institutions to reconsider their disaster planning procedures.

As a founder member of Blue Shield Australia, the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) is promoting planning and preparation for the upcoming disaster season, using the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on 13 October to focus attention.

ALIA CEO Sue McKerracher said, ‘We all know how critical it is to be as prepared as possible for extreme weather conditions and bushfires – and in disaster-prone areas, it is second nature. But the last few years have shown us that in previously “safe” areas, disasters can strike and we all need to take precautions'. 

There are many things that library staff can do before the bushfire season to ensure that your staff and collections are safe, from identifying the type of risks that could impact on your library operations, to creating digital backups of unique items in your collections, and having evacuation procedures in place. There are disaster planning tools and resources available on the ALIA website all year round.

Join your GLAMR counterparts on 13 October 2020 for the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, and put plans in place to ensure the safety of your staff and collections.

You can learn more about the day and what you can do to prepare on the UN, ALIA and Blue Shield Australia websites. You can also download the free poster to display at your library, office or home.


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Contact: Karolina Firman, Communications Officer.

Wednesday 16 September 2020 10:00am