Australia's Favourite Librarian

Australia's Favourite Librarian Winners announced

Please visit the 2013 winners page. 

About Australia's Favourite Librarian 

Library users often rave about the service they receive but beyond a letter to senior management, they don’t have a way of publicly recognising the excellence of their librarian.  It’s a much more personal relationship than people would experience in a shop or a bank.  Good librarians make a difference to people’s lives.

From one person libraries in the outback to specialised librarians working at the National Botanical Gardens, we have been thrilled to see so many stories of the positive impact librarians have on the lives of their users. 

How it works


Along with Love2Read, we launched nominations for Australia's Favourite Librarian on Library Lovers' Day, the 14 February 2013. Nominations closed on 15 March 2013. 


Voting takes place on our poll. The poll closes on 15 April 2013. If you or someone you know would like to vote for are unable to do so on the poll, you can place your votes via email or by phoning 02 6215 8221. 


ALIA will announce Australia's Favourite Librarian to kick off Library and Information Week on  20 May 2013. 


If someone in your library or information service has been nominated, we encourage you to put up this poster to promote voting. 

More Information

For more information on Australia's Favourite Librarian, please contact ALIA's media team at or 02 6215 8221.